The 'Superpower' Package

I can't tell you how many clients ask me at the end of our session, 'Okay when do I come back to see you again?'. It always makes me smile to hear that. I understand how important astrology can feel. Sometimes for the first time in someone’s life, they begin to sense the greater pattern of their unique identity, their purpose, their destiny, their story. Suddenly there is an amazing potential that is tapped, magic begins to reveal itself... and stopping just isn't an option. One must learn more.

For those who want to go deeper, I've created a package of 4 readings to take us further in. Offered at a discount to individual follow ups, this package makes it easy to maintain the aliveness and explore more profoundly the psychodynamics of your soul, personality and incarnational intent, to better unleash the 'super powers' therein.

Strengthening purpose & direction, overcoming blocks, understanding cycles, looking deeply at relationship, activating your spirituality... it's all right here. Enabling the blessing of your chart to be more deeply embraced.


The 'Super Power Package' is 4 sessions, 60-75 minutes, designed to take you deeply into YOU. A perfect follow up to a natal reading, these can be completed within 8-16 weeks (either one or two meetings per month) and will focus on the ARC OF DEVELOPMENT that describes your life story and incarnational purpose.

Together we explore:

  • Individual personal and transpersonal archetypes and cycles - your CONSTELLATION of SELF

  • The Esoteric nature of your chart and how to understand the dynamics between your soul and personality, or ‘lower’ and ‘higher’ selves.

  • Your personal karma and soul lessons, challenges and gifts.

  • The REASON for your incarnation and your personal destiny - where you are at, what is stopping you from moving forward, how you can get on with it!!

  • Synastries with key people in your life.

  • Examination of current presenting issues to explicate correlations between real life and energetic patterns/deeper meaning

  • Grounding a practical understanding of the subtleties of your internal nature so you are rooted in the here and now, with greater self love and alignment.

Cost: $555 USD



I am a trained Psychosynthesis Life Coach, a professional astrologer, and I spent years in the Tier 1 Corporate World. For people making changes in their lives and who may need support, I offer coaching blended with astrological analysis and good dose of common sense. This type of coaching is powerful - as it combines your SOUL'S PURPOSE with a present day situation or challenge, helping you make decisions and move forward in directions aligned with the ‘Song of Your Self’.

One session:

One coaching session, available to clients who have had a full natal reading. $172. 75 min.

  • This coaching session can be literally about ANYTHING. A decision you are faced with, a problem you have, a part of your personality that is driving you crazy (or another person who is driving you crazy). Essentially any area of your life wherein you are seeking clarity!


4 coaching sessions

  • Similar to the Super Power Package, but with less ‘consistency between the sessions… this package is designed to be used over a longer period and is good for those who know they will want to ‘check in’ at regular intervals, or who are going through a particularly intense transit cycle (think Pluto transit…). I will work with you, where you are at, and support you to make choices based on higher truth and integrity.

  • Totally flexible - we will follow YOUR call of self, and go where you need to go, to facilitate the most healing, growth and empowerment.

  • You can use these sessions in your own time, as you need them, within 18 months.

Cost: $555 USD