Astrology benefits explored

Astrology is one part science, one part art, and one part magic. Each astrologer brings their  'authentic self' to the table, and styles vary depending on who is reading for you. This is a list of benefits I have noticed that my 'reading style' provides for my clients. If you are interested in understanding the impact of my work, please visit my testimonials page for first hand accounts.


As my practice has evolved, I have noticed that the most fundamental gift received during the work is that of Transformative Evolution. This sounds an ambiguous thing to say, but what it means is that clients enter in one state, and leave in another. Often one session is so transformative that their life is changed forever. Not to be underestimated, this work leaves me humbled and grateful, every single day.

Direction and purpose

I identify the narrative of one’s life story and incarnational intention, helping bring context and clarity to the 'northern compass point' of their current life. On the practical level, this looks like connecting my clients with Purpose and Clarity that affirms life choices.


Self Love. Learning to accept who we are, as we are. What a gift. I like to think that one astrology session can offer the combined benefits of life coaching and psychotherapy - compounded in a fraction of the time! Every therapist should know this language - truly.


Astrology is great at identifying gifts, talents and abilities. Sometimes we need to be reminded of how amazing we are, cause that little voice inside can be so mean. Astrology is a wonderful way of giving yourself permission to be your best self - 100%. And feeling great is fundamental to the embodiment of abundance.


Identifies, with kindness, psychological blocks and unconscious patterns that can hold us back... and helps us find release points and ways of moving past them.

Evolutionary cycles

Helps to identify what is 'up' for us, in the current time. What lessons we are learning, what we are being triggered into. Trust me - when going through a major life transition or transit, this knowledge can mean the difference between deep depression and dread, and going through change with grace, awareness and self-compassion. (Can you say ‘Pluto Transit’??)


Astrology can provide insight into relationship and family dynamics, and point toward resolution. 'Who is the type of person I would match well with?' 'Why do my buttons always get 'pushed' with this person?' 'What are the energetic dynamics between myself and my partner?' 'Why am I being compelled back toward this person, again and again?' These questions and more are fascinating to explore with astrology.


An outstanding tool for parents!!! Honestly. Giving the gift to yourself, of a reading of your child's birth chart, can totally shift the relationship dynamic in your household. It is empowering to objectively understated WHO your child is so you can stop trying to change them and start working WITH them, in a collaborative and supportive way.

We are here on purpose

There is a reason, we all have one. No one is exempt.


Affirms what you know on the deepest level, yet may be afraid to acknowledge as truth. It's like having a angel whisper into your ear - 'yes, this is what you came here for... it is true, and what you've always longed for is real