Astrology… A Dream Recalled

“I breathe the fragrance myself and know it and like it”

-Walt witmaN, song of myself


As a 12th house Sun with Neptune opposite, I am once in a while gifted with a TRUE DREAM. This is a dream that transcends the normal, bringing a teaching beyond the personal. Accessing the realm of the collective unconscious, streaming through in Uranian brilliance, these dreams become precious jewels in the archetype of my life unfolding. I keep them close. I listen. I embody their teaching.

In 2017 I received one such. Upon reflection, I realized it was a teaching about how astrology works through me - its core PURPOSE and magic. I would like to share, as for those more poetic, it may offer an understanding of how I serve.

In the dream, I was among a small group of humans traversing a multi-leveled building, which felt like an institutional prison. Walking over metal floors in a long hallway, I noticed beneath were cells containing something we could not quite 'see' through the grating. Suddenly I tripped, triggering the floor to open, revealing its content: a cell full of LIONS!

Full grown, male, golden lions.

These large and beautiful animals RUSHED from their under-floor prison and came into the hall. They were formidable - snarling, baring teeth, dashing about with menace. We were terrified - not sure how dangerous they were nor of what they were capable.

Suddenly a large lion lunged at one of us, drawing blood. Now in immediate threat of death, I rose to the moment and stepped forward from the group, engaging with this animal. A song came instinctively from within me - from my deepest intuitive self. The song was beautiful and melodic, ethereal. I felt it wind itself around the lion, enfolding like energetic vapor. The song, I realized, was EXACTLY the song of the lion's energetic frequency!! I sang TO this lion, FOR this lion - singing HIS song, TO HIM. He listened in rapture - all ferocity quelled. It felt glorious to be the channel for this music of truth, and I was acutely aware that this song would only arise for this beast, that it was HIS blueprint. His frequency. His SELF.

As I finished, the lion was transformed. From tempestuous and angry, to passive and satisfied.  The lion then decided (or so it seemed) to LEAVE his lion form and transform into a small glass vial of GLITTERING COLORED POWDER. His instinctual rage was gone and, in its place, a beautiful and magical container of ESSENCE - benign, harmless, magical.

When we sing the song of the lower self, TO the lower self, the lower self is quelled. The anxiety and fear, the rage and need for self-expression, the animal instincts - they are satisfied. Somehow, when we energetically 'match' the personal instinctual and reflect it back to itself, we 'wake it up' from primal nature. We are liberated. Our soul or autonomous self has more room to come in. We are freed from fear and threat and defensiveness. We are safe to become more human. We are affirmed. We come more into our heart. More into sovereign self-control.

Astrology, as far as I experience it, is the art of this reflection. When you receive a birth chart reading, someone outside of you sings the song of your self RIGHT AT YOU. A good astrologer can match your resonance perfectly, providing a beautifully accurate reflection of you. Your instincts, your primal scars and pain, your talents and formidable traits, your past, your future, your hopes and dreams. And when we receive this, something magical happens.  A space is created. An opening. A clarity. A window through which our soul can shine more brightly, our 'human' self can come more clear.

We all have animal selves - lower selves that engage in drama, upheaval, conflict, karma. And our job in this life is NOT to kill the lower self, but to TAME IT. To bring it on side. To have it literally lay down its snarling defense and CHOOSE to transform into a glittering colorful vial of magical essence. So that our higher self is safe to embody. Safe to be here, on earth. 

My prayer, before each reading I offer, is that the highest evolutionary good of my client be served. That they are able to see themselves more clearly, to be liberated into choice, to be empowered into freedom. This dream, and the countless clients I have seen transform before me, is humbling acknowledgement of the beauty and power of this sacred science. I am honored to be a channel for its expression.