Natal Reading

Lasting 90 minutes, this is a comprehensive birth chart analysis covering ones unique personality parameters, identifying major evolutionary opportunities, exploring purpose and direction, and detailing current transits and cycles.  I examine the chart using  multiple astrological approaches. This can be life changing. Truly.

Cost: $200


Follow Up

For clients who have already had a Natal reading. 60-75 min.

  1. A follow up can be used for deeper chart exploration, to further your understanding of your inner constellation. An effective psychoanalytic tool, this conversation can happen any time ‘reflection’ feels helpful - just as you would see a therapist or a coach when you need to chew something over or gain perspective.

  2. Year ahead: A look at transits and progression for the upcoming cycle of time, allowing you to be a co-creator in your evolution.

Cost: $175


Children's Readings

45-60 min. This reading is a wonderful tool for parents! Learn about the way your child processes information, emotions, challenges, school, friendships - you name it. Helps you get to know their quirks and unique selves, so as to embrace them as they are with understanding and compassion. Very useful!

Cost: Sliding Scale: $150

Child's reading plus Parent Synastry Analysis. Let's take a look at your child's chart with yours overlaid! This is a powerful way to understand how your personality interacts with your child's.

Cost per synastry: $25

The Story of Me:  A special personalized incarnation 'story' for a child.  A past client used this 'story' in a customized photography book, as a grade 12 graduation gift. Another client had stories created for 2 small children and put them away as a keepsake. Other have used this as a gift for a new baby. Cost: $300. Includes 2 revisions, and feedback.


Relationship Charts

Synastry Charts and Composite Charts are a technique of comparing 2 people's astrological make-up to gain insight into their relationship dynamics. This can be used when looking at lovers or marital partners, a boss and employee, two friends - any two people who form a significant relationship with each other. This type of reading requires more time than a normal reading. First we do a full reading of each individual chart, then we combine them for the synastry analysis. This type of reading can be scheduled all in one go or in 2 separate sessions. Approximately 2.5-3 hours.

Cost: $450



If you are already booked into a reading and you want to have a peak at your partner, your friend, your lover or your child... in comparison to yourself... I offer a less detailed analysis. This is a quick way to identify potential blocks in communication, points of ease and congruence, and soul-to-soul lessons/karma.

Cost: $50 (in addition to reading charge)


Readings quoted in USD. Please contact for sliding scale or alternate payment options.