Natal Reading

Lasting 90 minutes, this is a comprehensive birth chart analysis covering ones unique personality parameters, identifying major evolutionary opportunities, exploring purpose and direction, and detailing current transits and cycles.  I examine the chart using  multiple astrological approaches. This can be life changing. Truly.

Cost: $200


Follow Up

For clients who have already had a Natal reading, follow ups are about 60 minutes and can meet a variety of objectives.

1. Some clients want to explore their chart more deeply, to further their understanding of the inner constellation. Deeper birth chart analysis can be an effective psychoanalytic tool, enabling us to explore how karmic dynamics present in day to day life. This conversation can happen any time ‘reflection’ feels helpful - just as you would see a therapist or a coach when you need to chew something over or gain perspective.

2. Second, we can update the transits/progressions for the year ahead and explore what is 'up' for you, based on current planetary cycles. Understanding your cycle of learning is powerful - allowing you to be a co-creator in your evolution.

3. And third, this can be an opportunity to ask questions about timing, direction and purpose. If something comes up in your life, we use the living chart as a coach or guide to explore how the call of self is presenting. Great when faced with big choices, confusion, ambiguity or excitement.

Cost: sliding scale $150-175


Children's Readings

45 min reading. This reading is a wonderful tool for parents! Learn about the way your child processes information, emotions, challenges, school, friendships - you name it. Helps you get to know their quirks and unique selves, so as to embrace them as they are with understanding and compassion. Very useful!

Cost: Sliding Scale: $125-150

Child's reading plus Parent Synastry Analysis. Let's take a look at your child's chart with yours overlaid! When booked into a child's reading, I offer a reduced price relationship analysis between child and parent. This is a powerful way to understand how your energy interacts with your child's energy.

Cost: additional $25

The Story of Me:  A special personalized incarnation 'story' for a child.  A past client used this 'story' in a customized photography book, as a grade 12 graduation gift. Another client had stories created for 2 small children and put them away as a keepsake.  Cost: TBD


Relationship Charts

Synastry Charts and Composite Charts are a technique of comparing 2 people's astrological make-up to gain insight into their relationship dynamics. This can be used when looking at a child and parent, lovers or marital partners, a boss and employee, two friends - truly any two people who form a significant relationship with each other. This type of reading requires more time than a normal reading. First we do a full reading of each individual chart, then we combine them for the synastry analysis. This type of reading can be scheduled all in one go or in 2 separate sessions. Approximately 2.5-3 hours.

Cost: $450



If you are already booked into a reading and you want to have a peak at your partner, your friend, your lover or your child... in comparison to yourself... I offer a less detailed analysis. This is a quick way to identify potential blocks in communication, points of ease and congruence, and soul-to-soul lessons/karma.

Cost: $50 (in addition to reading charge)


Readings quoted in USD. Please contact for sliding scale or alternate payment options.