Warm Words From Friends

Let me start by summing up my experience with Sara in one word: MAGIC.

Before our conversation I was nervous. I had no idea what to expect. But Sara – who, even through a screen exudes genuine compassion, excitement, love, wisdom – made it a safe experience. As she guided me through my chart I felt nothing but excitement.

Everything resonated – the dates/years representing big shifts in my past were spot on, and her descriptions of my personality, my struggles and my strengths made me nod, smile, even laugh.

I should mention that I’ve struggled with low self-esteem and thus some of the details (I’m magical? I’m powerful?) sounded “wrong” to my strong ego. But only at first. A few days have passed since our conversation, and on a deep level everything now makes sense. I know, I can even FEEL, my power.

The sense of stress and uncertainty that prompted me to contact Sara has diminished. I write this feeling inspired, humbled, curious, VALUABLE, and, most of all, grateful. I know that I’ll be facing more challenges, but I feel better equipped to handle them. In a beautiful way I’m closer to my soul and I know why I’m here. (How wonderful!)

You are MAGICAL. Your reading of my chart, your deep intuition and your human warmth gave me the push I needed to live a richer and BIGGER (in more ways than just one) life. I’m so excited for the year ahaed as I give myself permission to break free of the “shoulds” and “musts” that have guided my past, and finally follow my “musts” and my “needs”.
And my heart.

This session is the most valuable gift I have ever given myself.
Thank you. Thank you. THANK you!
— Kristine, Colorado
Through a sequence of events, I was lucky enough to find Sara’s site in a list of astrologers, and I am so grateful that my instinct had me choose her. I came to her in search of an alternative to counselling... in search of guidance in my marriage and relationship, and what we got was so much more than we could have hoped for.

Through two in-depth conversations with Sara, we learned about our own charts, how our charts work in synastry, and also the charts of our two children. Her depth of knowledge, her intuition, and her compassion for the human condition were evident immediately. Even on a video call, her kindness and warmth were disarming, allowing us to open up, and the conversation to flow. Sara brought new clarity and understanding to our relationship, our tiny humans, and our family dynamics. And from that she gave us a much needed (new) starting point for discussing challenges we face, allowing us to come at them with more compassion, hearts open.

On a personal level, Sara opened my eyes to a whole world of astrology I was not familiar with, and I’m hooked. Having this experience has helped me to give myself permission to do what I want to do—what I NEED to do—in this life. And for that I cannot thank her enough.
— -Brigitte, Quebec, Canada
Revolutionary and purposeful!
Deeply insightful and revealing!
Guided introduction to your own self, your Higher Self and your purpose! Beyond useful....
I look at my reading with Sara as my life’s new beginning
— Lucie, Toronto
Thank you so much for that reading!! I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!

Feeling light and with a deeper knowledge about who I am, why I’m here and what I strive to become. The accuracy was amazing. The way you break it down makes it so easy to understand oneself, on all different levels.

You made me fall in love with myself all over again. You have a truly amazing gift. Thank you for sharing that with the rest of the world!
— Pegah, Sweden
Wonderful is my first reaction to my meeting with Sara! I expected a truly unique and life changing experience from the moment I read her Bio and it was more than that so I thank Sara. I honestly could of curled up on a couch and spent the whole day chatting with this beautifully gifted and special individual!

Even though I have in the last year just become a newbie to studying Astrology, she made it so easy with her knowledge to put the pieces in place and let me know that Astrology is a gift from the Universe to learn and educate your Life Path. Sara is so well versed in Astrology, she made a year of my study completely understandable in one meeting! She has the gift to calmly and expertly take you on the Path you know you can go. And she is a delight to converse with and look forward to the next time we meet in the not so distant future. I know those who have had this unique experience with Sara know exactly what I am talking about.

Thank you Sara!
— Wyndi, USA
Sara is an incredibly talented astrologer, but she also has the gift of tuning in… truly connecting. She is a clairvoyant. I am so grateful to have been working with Sara for almost a year now. She has been able to see my path so clearly, at times when I couldn’t. She has guided me in ways I didn’t know were possible. So valuable. I am dedicated to continuing my work with Sara.
— Renny, Toronto
Going into my reading with Sara I wasn’t sure what to expect. I am beyond grateful that I was able to be given such a beautiful experience. It gave me validation that what I felt in my soul was truly the right path for me. She also got my personality and thought process spot on, its like she knew me already. Sara is welcoming, compassionate and full of light!
— Anette, New Jersey
My conversation with Sara was unbelievably enlightening and gave me immense peace regarding my place and purpose in this universe. Like most, I’ve had my skepticism about astrology, but can no longer deny its incredible influence on us all. Everything we discussed not only resonated with me (at times to the point of tears), but also completely changed my stories and perspectives about my relationships with my different natures, other people, and my life’s purpose.

Sara truly cared about my understanding of my chart during the reading, compassionately asking insightful questions that oftentimes went incredibly deep while also bringing many things to the surface. I felt like I was talking to an old friend - I didn’t want our conversation to end. I couldn’t have asked for a more suitable time to be introduced to her work, and only hope we will speak again in the future!
— Alexandra, Silver Spring, USA
Sara’s presence cascades calmness, this I found to be the most vital as one is exploring themselves. The reading gave me a renewed sense of direction to my purpose in life. It has awakened me to the importance of owning my feelings. Again Sara’s energy and warmth is what gives permission to you to really allow yourself to reclaim the fullness that is you. For anyone who is having problems with clarity in their direction or is looking to find resolution to past life events, working with Sara Elise will catapult you to a vast and diverse awareness of yourself. What I found most valuable from Sara was her ability to then give clarity and hone in on the particulars and create action.
— Sean, Toronto
Truthfully, were skeptical of the process before meeting Sara, but the experience had a profound impact on us. She’s insightful, perceptive, precise, positive, practical, and amazingly accurate. We both found it profoundly moving — and affirming — to have had someone see us so clearly, affirming the deepest part of who we are. It was a game-changing experience for us as we related to our children and navigated the ups, downs, joys, and challenges of being ourselves and living in relationship.
— M & C, Toronto
Thank you so so much for your time - what a wonderful insight!! I feel almost lighter.
You have such a gift it is really inspiring!
— Candice, UAE
Wow... Still sitting here with my jaw to my knees. I don’t even have words to describe how I feel after our session. I bet you can imagine... thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. You left me totally speechless. It was SO valuable for me, you have no idea! Thank you thank you thank you. Now I have to let it all sink in... And I feel so happy.
— -Sofia, Sweden
Dear Sara,
You have helped me more than I could have hoped for. I just listened to our session again and I will listen to it often, I know that. It is so rich and full of meaningful information that is already helping me on many different levels. You have brought me back into alignment with the truth. I was going to try therapy this summer, but I am so thankful I trusted my intuition and found you instead. I haven’t been able to talk to anybody about the things that have been happening to me. Thank you for being the special person that I knew I could trust.

Thank you for being a channel for Divine wisdom and love.
— Patricia, California
Oh Sara, what a gift you have. Your ability to weave together human blueprints is so beautiful- a true art. I feel as though one session with you has saved me five years on a therapist’s couch!

I left our time together with such deep peace of mind, which we both know is no easy feat, and so many new discoveries, confirmation of long-intuited (and fearfully ignored) thoughts and, most importantly, the courage to move forward.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift and giving me space for a much needed out breath.

So much love and gratitude for you and the work you do.
— Falon, Toronto
This is wonderful. I feel a weighted lifted off my shoulders and feel so ecstatic right now ! A lot more grounded and guided then 2 hours ago. THANK YOU ! It was a pleasure to meet you, I felt so comfortable & you felt so real.
— Kirstin DP, South Africa
Dear Sara,
How fantastic and emotional was our session. I would love to listen you over and over and over...
What a beautiful gift you have!
Not only astrological knowledge, but above all the gift of passing and reaching human souls.
I am impressed, still sitting and thinking about the beautiful words you have told me.
I’ve waited all my life for the words and the message, you have given to me!
I found myself, and I know now, which way to go.
I do no find words, to express my gratitude, but I will say one!
God bless you Saraxxx
— Hanna, UK/Poland
I enjoyed you and my reading so much! It was one of the most beautiful and positive readings I’ve ever had... because of the soul centered way you interpreted my chart. I’ve never had it read that way before. I absolutely loved it! You were able to put into words so many things that I’ve always felt, things that are hard for me to even put into words.

I’ll listen to the audio then put it away for a bit then listen again so I can really process it. I’m sure I’ll pick out more things each time I listen.

Many blessings to you, I’m so grateful,
— Tracy💕, USA
Hi Sara, I’m at work right now and became aware of the gratitude in my heart for our work together. Thank you thank you thank you for the sincerity and care you bring to your work, and your amazing ability to connect a chart to the soul of the person. Ha, I realize now I should post this on your website so that others can see it too and hopefully connect with you. Anyways, I wanted to share this with you. I learned so much from our time together and have been vigilant in bringing what we discussed into my day-to-day life. And when I’m not, I can surely tell.
— Basak, Toronto
The reading with Sara left me with the feeling that everything is going to be okay and that I am on the right path. I felt instantly that Sara knew me on a deeper level and could tell me things about myself that I haven’t been able to verbalize, that has been an inner feeling of destiny, curiosity and longing. I am mind blown of the accuracy regarding my childhood, relationships, sense of my own deep intuition and my longing for making an impact in the world.

Being a former skeptic and a person that would never consider a reading one year ago, I now truly belive and see the connections, transitions and the deep description of the real me, on the inside.

My lesson is, when in doubt for the unknown, explore it before judging. Be curious. For me it added a whole new dimension for me, and a guidance to live life the way I am supposed to. Sara - you have a beautiful energy, you are inviting and truly present. Thank you for a beautiful experience. With love, K
— Karin, Stockholm
As a total newcomer to astrology, my reading with Sara was so powerful. It was like she’d been observing me all my life and/or dismantled my inner thought processes - she could articulate exactly how I ticked and it blew me away. Operating from this place, she was able to give me the most astute guidance about the path I’m on, guidance which resonated so deeply with me, I’d go so far as to think of the whole experience as paradigm-shifting in terms of self-awareness. It has most definitely opened my eyes to the parts of me which need to be given voice and the ways in which I can express that. Sara is warm, insightful and perceptive, but entirely relatable and serves you up your truth in the most wonderful of ways!
— Dee O., Ireland
I had a reading with Sara Elise and found her to be a real vibrant sparkling beam of light. She is very thorough, insightful, intuitive and knowledgeable. She has a real genuine heartfelt level of compassion that she brings to her readings. She understands and is obviously really loving the complexities of astrology. She comes from a place of wanting to ‘move you forward’. I ended the reading with a clear reference point on exactly how I should progress with 2018 and beyond. I recommend her highly.
— Lorraine T., Vancouver
Using my star chart as a basis, Sara was able to bring together disparate and sometimes conflicting aspects of my life to better understand from where I am coming, which way I am headed, and how I can take cues from something inherent in my life pattern to guide my future decisions.

Our reading was carried out online, in a one-on-one video-conference. Sara’s accessibility and humility allowed me to feel instantly comfortable and at ease in her presence.

Her positive outlook and ability to find the connecting thread between events, ideas and people gave me clear guidance which was at once directed yet open-ended.

I highly recommend Sara Elise for her astrological readings as a way of understanding life purpose and personal trajectory.
— Aradhana, Montreal
Thank you so much Sara for such an accurate explanation and description of my charts and all the special times in my life, good and bad! I felt so comfortable sharing my life with you! You have such a kind and loving spirit that can make anyone feel at ease. I learned so much and already feel a calmness about my life and purpose and acceptance.
Much love.
— Maryann, USA
My natal chart reading with Sara has shed some light on my life’s purpose. Her insights have given me much-needed perspective about where I can focus my career so it can be the most fruitful for myself and others, which I found very helpful as a student trying to forge a career path. She was lovely to talk to and offered helpful suggestions of types of meditation that would help my state of mind. I would recommend Sara’s readings to anyone who needs some clarity about how to utilize their best assets in this life.
— Lily, USA
You are absolutely incredible! I just wanted to thank you from my heart. I’m blown away by your gifts, your kindnesses, and your insights. It felt so wonderful to be heard and understood today. I’m forever grateful to you!

Thank you also for the recording! You touched on so many important topics and now I can go back and listen.

Always wishing everything loving, peaceful and wonderful for you!
— Jenny, USA