Little Stars Workshop : Understanding the most important people in the universe - our children


A 3 Hour Astrological Exploration Into Your Child's Inner Landscape

Have you observed your child and wondered why they behave the way they do? Why does Lara throw the same tantrum again and again, flailing her arms and legs, screaming? While Sam retreats into a sulk, refusing to engage, sometimes not coming ‘back’ for hours? Our own patterns of emotional reaction and the way we fulfill our security needs may be completely different than our children’s, leaving us ‘out in the cold’ - wondering what we’ve done wrong, how we can fix it, and in extreme cases – what is wrong with our child.

In most cases, NOTHING IS WRONG WITH OUR CHILD! We simply all come in with different emotional patterns.

In this workshop, we will use the modality of astrology and the birth chart to identify the ways that our children emotionally relate to themselves and others. The ‘biological karma’ in the chart is dictated by the Lunar placement. By examining the position and archetype of a child’s Moon in the birth chart, we can identify:

  • Our children’s unique pattern of emotional reaction

  • The way they ‘need’ to receive love in order to feel nourished

  • The way they are likely to behave when under pressure

  • The way they will relate to themselves and others, internally, as they seek to feel secure in the world

As parents, educators and caregivers, the way we nurture children is often dictated by the way WE were nurtured, or the way WE would like to be nurtured. But every person is different. Coming to this workshop will empower you to understand your child, from THEIR perspective. So you can better assist them in navigating the emotional landscape of their soul.

Registration: We will require birth information for each participant, and for each child in that participants inner circle (family, notably). Birth information will include: TIME / PLACE / DATE of birth. Each participant will receive a copy of their natal chart, and those of their children.

Cost: The cost of the workshop is $35

Private Readings: Sara is coming to Guelph for the weekend and will be available for private readings, for both children and adults, at a discounted price for workshop participants. Call or email for details.

Call Natalia in Guelph : 519-830-0432

Email Sara :