Taurus: Liberating our Feminine


Hello friends,

Today at 12pm EST, we enter a TAURUS FULL MOON. This newsletter focuses peripherally on Taurus archetype, yet more on  ways we can leverage the cyclic energy of our moment, to further  evolution.

On October 5th, Venus in Scorpio went retrograde in the dramatic close of her latest 548 day cycle. Do you remember where your consciousness was on April 23, 2017?  Think back… peruse the adventures and misadventures in love and intimacy this past 1.5 years has brought. If you want to look further, the last time Venus closed a cycle in Scorpio was 2010!! So comparing your experience now to what was happening for you in 2010 may be illuminating.
Regardless of personal context, these weeks have likely dropped you inward to emotional contact with your ‘lessons of love’. Calling you to acknowledge your inner feminine, recognize her needs and desires, and face into her deep, and sometimes shameful, pain.
I acknowledge - these weeks have not been easy. Leaning into 'underworld' patterns of 'self-love' and 'love of other' requires  honesty. And though often hard to feel, through our pain we receive gifts of authenticity and wisdom.

The Good News? Today's Taurus full moon and the few days following are this cycle's turning point!!! So here we stand. About to turn a corner.

So let's talk a little about today's astrology.

In the sky, we have:

Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio
, opposite a Full Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus.

This configuration ILLUMINATES (Sun) the FORMS (Taurus Moon) that we have created in our lives to PROTECT our inner FEMALE (Venus) from getting hurt, while enabling LIBERATION of these forms into a new and higher personal archetypal pattern (Uranus).

And with Saturn standing sentinel over both these precipitous pairings, we have the FOCUS and DISCIPLINE to make changes that will stick.

Now add the Venus cycle we are nearing the end of, and you have one power packed Self-Evolutionary Opportunity (my favorite thing in life is an evolutionary opportunity... how about you?).

So JUST THAT MUCH is enough for you today!! Really. That's all you need.

But I am a Double Gemini...

So now... let's explore the feminine, for a moment... The VENUSIAN NATURE.

All of us - be we male, female, transgender or NON gendered - have an inner masculine and feminine, as described by Mars and Venus in our birth chart. And while the path of inner alchemy requires, at some point, the balancing and transcendence of these polarities into a higher point of spiritual awareness, most of us earthlings are just trying to help them have a productive and loving conversation with each other... so that each can feel powerful, beautiful and free to be themselves.

Sound familiar? (hint: This plays simultaneously on the internal AND the external...)

Mars is our active principle of WILL - that which extends outward. And Venus is our receptive principle of Love/Wisdom/Intelligence. Our masculine is in service to our feminine, and the feminine, in turn, feeds the masculine by holding the forms from which he extends his will.

When the inner feminine is healthy and filled with love, when she feels safe and nourished, the masculine energy goes into the world with the will to create safety, love and nourishment.

When she is fearful, sick, humiliated or subjugated, he goes out from a place of pain and creates chaos, devastation and horror.

Again, the external reflects the internal.

That's why it is essential that our inner feminine be well.

We are at the end of a cycle of feminine subjugation on planet earth. For thousands of years, we  have been in a 'masculine dominated' cycle where, with few exceptions, the feminine principle was squashed and disregarded as weak and peripheral to the masculine.

Requiring of his protection and authoritative care, at best. Used, abused and discarded, at worst.

We all carry the genetic and ancestral memory of this subjugation, on top of current cultural norms and beliefs. These patterns exist in all of us and the social structures around us. And this imbalance not only hurts the feminine - but the masculine as well. Because to be WHOLLY healthy, both must be healthy. Within men AND women, this is true and has nothing to do with having a penis or vagina. It is an energetic principle.

And if you want to assess the general well being of our collective 'feminine' RIGHT NOW, look no further than the ultimate representation of the feminine principle - Gaia herself. Enough said


Spirit brought me a dream years ago, which made an impact on my life and relates to our topic. I would love to share it.

In the dream I could see/feel the earth choking on pollution. I felt her waterways, like arteries and veins, clogged and heavy with silt and debris. I sensed the heaviness and weariness and frustration of her... and was powerless as I recognized the ENORMOUS CALAMITY of SICKNESS spreading through her body.

Beautifully, spirit then showed me that HER veins are MY veins. HER body is MY body. HER being is MY being. We are connected.

In the dream I then witnessed the moment of a collective tipping point, where enough of us 'little folks' had embraced and embodied enough of our shadow that Gaia was suddenly and dramatically FREED of the bonds of pollution and environmental devastation. It seemed I was witnessing a miracle!! What a relief I felt - at all levels of my self and hers. I felt the collective sigh - the brilliant release. Lightened, cleared, joyfully allowed to be.

In truth I'm sure this shift is unfolding on a lengthier time line than the 'immediacy' perceived in dream. Yet I consistently meet light worker friends (particularly millennials) who are consciously aware that they incarnated here to do this work. Who affirm the light while embracing the feminine and transmuting the shadow. This is happening consciously and collectively, more and more rapidly. It is being reflected back to us from normative culture. The growth of female-orientated spiritual modalities, like ayahuasca and shamanism, are rising. Even Oprah is talking about Lunar cycles to the Masses!

We are all a part of this.

Let's get on board with the belief that we DO have the power to heal our selves and our earth - by embracing the emotions that lie within... by FEELING THE FEELINGS we try to avoid. And by lifting them into the light. By liberating our inner feminine.


in our BODY.

This is our Full Moon in Taurus.


The Meditation

So clear is what we are called to today - I believe it is just happening to us and through us. Yet as astrologer Carolyn Casey lovingly says, "we only possess the power of an insight when we give it expression".

(or said another way)

Knowledge is converted to power through artful ritual. 

So let's RITUALIZE this.

Something has been coming up these past few weeks... and I can place money on it being your inner female calling out and asking for attention.

So let's give her some attention.

1. Set up an alter with Venusian flare. Decorate it with flowers and chocolate, crystals and stones. Venus loves sweetness and 5 petaled flowers, sweet water and the colour yellow (try a beeswax candle for yellow, and a 5 cent coin to represent the 5 points on the Venus Star, and a small bowl of clean water.) 

You may want a pen and a paper handy.

2. Sit by your alter and take some deep breaths... center and calm. Call in your guides, your higher self, the directions - the ceremony your lineage dictates.

3. Now invoke your VENUS... your inner female, beconing her forward.  (And if he needs something to do, you can assign your inner masculine to guard the perimeter.)

4. Look at her, this Inner Female of yours. Take time to get to know her.... feel her essence, her vitality. Have a conversation with her, either in words or on the energetic. Notice who she is and how she feels. Ask her questions like 'what is important to you? what do you value? what do you love? are you happy? why or why not? What do you need? How can I be in a better relationship with you?

And then... ask her what she is healing right now, what patterns she is moving through. What is up for liberation.

Take time to reflect on it. How has this issue been revealing itself? Has this cycle been associated with an issue of self-worth? Of money or abundance? Love and intimacy? Fairness and equality? Power? Value?

Make note of the pattern or patterns... maybe write a brief description... or speak it out loud. DECLARE IT.
5. Now ask your inner feminine if there is anything left that she has to FEEL to evolve the pattern. If there are remnants, let them wash over you. Feel the emotion... where it lives in your body. Mourn it, grieve it, let it wrench you to the core. Allow it to be embodied and embraced. Take as long as you need. You are precious and she is arising.

6. Now it is time to birth your new archetype.

Now what does this mean, exactly? What is the Uranian flavour in all of this? An ARCHETYPE is a new pattern of self-identity, which erupts and replaces the old.

So how do we find it?

I wish it were as simple as declaring 'from this day forth I shall not give my love away! I shall own it for myself!'. And perhaps for some it will be.

But my intuition offers me the following:

Just stand in the truth of yourself. Call your higher self and higher potential forward and ask for the liberation of this form to be revealed.

Now just feel. That's all you need to do.

Stand in a state of emotional vulnerability, owning your erotic nakedness. Don't project your desires outward or make a story...  just hold yourself. To yourself. For yourself.

Be ferociously courageous to be exactly where you are RIGHT NOW.

What is birthing in you IS presenting. What you are becoming IS IN YOU NOW. No thought, no plan, no prescription. It reveals.

That is the energy of this week.

See how she feels. She how she wants to walk into the world, over the next few days. See what happens in moments of choice - when the old pattern arises. She what you are empowered to choose instead.  Watch and receive.

Our new form reveals when we go deeply into the feminine receptive and ALLOW ourselves to become what we need to be.

Well, that's what I've got.

May we all allow a new and healthier version of our wild and untamed feminine to unfold within us like the petals of a glorious flower.

Love and blessings,