Scorpio - the Void of Potential

Have you gazed at the world lately and wished for a miracle? Hoped a powerful force would descend and clean it all up? The chaos, the misuse of power, the injustice? 

Our New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday November 7th brings a rare and powerful portal... during which an offering may be made. An offering of yourself... to release from old holding patterns or addictive passions, to align will with something greater than self, to support a shift on earth - a bettering. A beauty.

A tipping of the scales, perhaps.

For clearly, to quote June Jordan's 1980 poem in commemoration of the uprising against South African Apartheid,  

"we are the ones we have been waiting for."

Well this New Moon day is a perfect day to throw your energetic hat in the ring.

A day to vote.

Let's go.


So what makes this New Moon so potent?

The day when the Sun rises to 15 degrees of Scorpio has been celebrated from antiquity. The Celts called it 'Samhain', the Hindu's, Diwali. For thousands of years, cultures have noted this day as the 'tipping point' of the season - exactly half way between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice. The ancients believed that it is the day when the veils between our world and the spirit world are at their thinnest, giving rise to its association with the dead, and with any manner of magical beings (fairies, elves, demons).

Essentially, it is the day when light meets dark in equal measure.

When a VOID OF POTENTIAL is opened to the world.

How Scorpionic. ;)

In our modern time, this has become known as 'Halloween' and is celebrated on the 31st of October. But for the ancients, this day was calculated according to precise planetary alignment and celebrated with reverence (rather than Smarties). Fires were lit across the land, illuminating the darkness. Folks stayed close to home or to each other, for fear of coming up against the 'lord of the underworld'. And the Celts claimed it was the mysterious night when one might look into a mirror and either catch a glimpse of one's future, or fall into hell.

So this year, Samhain is even more powerful than normal.

Rather than just a Solar alignment at 15 degrees Scorpio, our New Moon conjunction occurs AT THIS DEGREE, with BOTH Moon and Sun holding court at the CENTER POINT of light and dark! Powerfully amplifying this 'thinnest of thin' coordinate in space/time.

  • Add to that a direct TRINE from the Sun/Moon to the planet which is our gateway to magic and the spirit world - NEPTUNE.

  • Add to that a sextile to the powerful planet of transformation, Sir PLUTO.

  • Add as well the FINAL 2 days of Jupiter's pass through Scorpio (it moves to Sagittarius on Friday)

  • And add the final day of our Nodal Axis in Leo/Aquarius

Whether you understand astro-speak or not, rest assured this combines to create an opening to pure potential. To the space in between, where everything is possible and magic is real.

This is a day when karma collapses. When our story lines cease to exist. When the dark and light come to a standstill and everything is up for grabs.

It's a day to choose.


How will you walk into tomorrow? What will you give power to, within yourself? And without?

You can keep it personal and wrap it in a story. Or you can use it as a jumping off point to more.

More than you. More than all of us.

That's how Scorpio roles.

underworld by sheeba khan.jpg

Scorpio is the archetype that rules the BATTLE between the lower and the higher self. The light and the dark. 

Is the cup half empty, or half full?

Will we dwell in darkness and give way to lower octaves of power, or will we rise into the light of forgiveness and embrace higher truth?

Many folks are scared of Scorpio energy. She is dark and wet and rank. Her felled caverns are cold and dangerous. And what lives there? Abuse lives there. Greed and hatred. There lives sexual addiction, personal ambition, manipulation. Victim-hood, suffering. Pride lives there, as do self-importance, seperativeness. Revenge. Blame. And of course, Terror.

There lives all the ways which 'seem' to turn away from the light. How terrifying is THAT? Few but Scorpio have the courage to face THOSE monsters.

But we are all human... and we all have them living inside.

Pandora's Box.

Scorpio teaches the shadow will rule if you let it fester. Unwilling, she courageously plunges into the depths and wages battle against the lies therein. She holds vigil, tends bruises. Feels feelings. Illuminates taboo.

And on her hero's journey, she realizes that pain is just the light turned away from itself. Simply the place where we refuse to be vulnerable.

And so she dies... dies to all of it. She lets chaos and darkness wash over, emotions guiding and empowering her, until she rises up reborn. A Phoenix, a bird of fire. Ferociously dedicated to burning through anything that is not true. Anything that is not love. Elevation into power - Scorpio is where the Ego finally dies.

And she then becomes a guide for others, to do the same.


Today's energy says loudly : the TRUE use of POWER is to elevate our selves and others. Not to tear them down or do damage, not to deceive or manipulate.

True power is the power of forgiveness. The power of love.


The Meditation

Were it any other New Moon, I would suggest some deep diving personal goal setting. Some calling in. Some manifestation of your dream.

But this is NOT any other New Moon.

This Moon of Samhain - this double-duty Lunar/Solar gate - it is asking something more of us.

Take it or leave it, my intuition is that this gateway is a moment of POWERFUL COSMIC ELECTION. A moment where we can choose to go completely EMPTY and HOLD THE FREQUENCY THAT WE WANT ALL OF US TO MOVE FORWARD INTO.  And that frequency is... well, you fill in the blank. You will know what it is, for you. For me, it is pure power, anchored in love.

It's an opportunity to choose the light and HOLD OUR CHOICE FIRM.

Just make a decision and ride that energy


Hold it.

So do what you will, but tomorrow I will create a sacred ritual space at 12 noon, EST. I will light a candle. I will breath deeply and find my center, call my guides and higher self into my alignment. And then... no matter what is there, no matter what stands between me and love, I will simply step away from it and affirm UTTER AND ABSOLUTE POWER OF INTENT TOWARD GOOD.

I won't muddy it with personal longings, hopes or stories.

This one is for the collective.

This time is more powerful than you or I.

This is a time for serious magic.

So I dare you to stare your demons in the face and KNOW you are capable of something more - of holding the pure power of potential - for the whole of us.

The time for our ritual, for BEST effect, will be 12 noon Eastern Standard, Wednesday November 7th. And any time will do. I'm sure you will be feeling the energy... starting tonight.

Please write me to tell me your story, or put it on my website or facebook page!! I mean it. There is power in sharing and speaking out loud our intent.

Love to you all, and thank you for reading my musing today. I pray it was helpful and enables you to navigate this moment with grace.



PS. for those who need something more concrete... This prayer is called "The Great Invocation". It was came through Alice Bailey, the original source of Esoteric Astrology earlier in the 20th century. It pretty much says it all.

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men--
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.