Form in the Formless: Scorpio

Today (Sunday April 29, 2018) is the FULL MOON. A powerful day. For lunatics, witches and astrologers... and also for normal folks... this Moon in particular invites us to magic, to darkness, and to transformation. 

The Sun, in Taurus, opposes lovely Luna in full illuminated passionate and deadly SCORPIO. Full brightness, full radiance, full intensity. And we on earth are subject to this cycle of energy. There is a gateway open, to this archetype, for us to access. If you tap this consciously, ritual is empowered and enlivened. Magic is strengthened. Life is affirmed.

Please join me on exploring this a bit.



is the MOTHER. She is MATTER. Literally – FORM. Represented by the bull, Taurus is the sign of incarnation - 'Carne' means 'meat' in Italian. Taurus is the MEAT of life - the stuff we are made of, our flesh, the earth, Gaia. She is the magnetic pull of our spirit INTO a body, ONTO the earth. She is alive and she asks of us to revere her, to make her important, to honor her and her bounty so that we may SURVIVE. And in our honoring of MATTER, we are blessed by the delights of the flesh – abundance, sensuality, food, pleasure, material support, agriculture, craftsmanship, comfort, importance, value. The more we slow down and pay attention to her, the better we feel, the more pleasure we have, and the more we enjoy our lives.

**Take a moment to reflect on this: Reflect on how you relate to the earth, to your body as part of her, to your food, your home, your possessions, your art, the beauty around you. This physical stuff is literally the manifestation of Taurus, in our day to day lives. It deserves care and awareness. How much we allow ourselves to enjoy our form, our body, our sensuality, and take care of what is ours is a direct reflection of how we are honoring our mother. Our MATTER. Can you allow yourself to feel more pleasure today? To make your relationship with her more deliberate?



What is the opposite of FORM? Well, the formless of course. The complete dissolution of form. And this is SCORPIO.

Dark, mysterious, powerful, sexual, liberating. Scorpio is where we, as humans, release our form and embrace our spiritual selves. We let GO of the identification we have with our ‘stuff’ and our ‘body’ and our ‘earth’– and we see that within ALL matter is pure power and energy. Spirit. Divinity. Magic. We see the TRUTH WITHIN THE FORM, and we learn that death is not an ending, but a transformation from one frequency to another. And Scorpio teaches us that we transform through death – death of our ego, death of our body, death of our attachments, death of our relationships - and that there is life after it. In Scorpio we embrace immortality. We embrace the occult, the magic within life, sexuality and intimacy as a sacred act of worship, power as a truth that threads through everything. Death is an illusion, transformation is a constant, and embracing of the Scorpio energy allows us to HOLD POWER within the transformation process so that we can walk through that gate with awareness and vulnerability.

**Take a moment to reflect on this: What in your life is TRANSFORMING right now? What are you in the process of letting go of? Are you afraid of this change? Are you holding on to form that is dying, as a way of making yourself feel safer? Is there  a way that you can ease your holding, make more gentle the process of transformation, so that you can walk through its gate with grace? What are you aligned with, what POWER can help you, in your transformation? The gate, once open, will not close. Life will keep changing, no matter how strong our will to hold things the same. It is our attitude and our ability to FLOW with the change that determines how bearable the experience is for us.



So the Goddess of Matter is shining her light on the Divine principle of Death. This polarity - between the form and the formless - is what is available to us, in our rituals today.

So with this understanding, I invite you to consider how you are dealing with transformation in your life. And how you are dealing with form.

Here is a small ritual you might try, as a way to open to the energy of this day.

  1. Take a moment to ground. Breath into your heart, align with the center of the earth… feel her heat and magnetism, her pull, her power. Then make contact with your higher self, with that part that is beyond form, beyond self, in light. Feel the line of connection between these opposing magnets – one above, one below - and feel how they center in your heart. YOU are the one in the middle. You are the awareness holding the tension between the two.

  2. Ask to receive information on what in your life is needing to be let go of. To be transformed. Sit and wait for the answer. Honor what comes – visual information, auditory, flashes of inspiration, thoughts… whatever the form, receive it.

  3. Write down what you receive – maybe it’s an emotional attachment, a fixation or addiction. Maybe it’s a relationship, or a belief about yourself. Maybe it is literally a bunch of old crap in your basement!!

  4. Go through each item and feel completely the journey from attachment to this item, through letting it go, through having it totally transform into something NEW. Imagine what the NEW feeling will be, once the death is complete. What does this death allow IN? What new form will be born?

  5. When you are complete with this imagining, take a moment to go back to your center and your heart. Go back to neutral. Give thanks for the information received, and feel a moment of gratitude. Send it UP and send it DOWN. Honor the experience by thanking the mother and the father - the matter and the spirit.

  6. If you are able to, take your paper outside and burn it. Send it up in smoke, asking for help and support in the releasing. If you can not make a small fire easily, then imagine it burning. Imagine your work alight and moving into spirit form. Imagine it being received, and imagine you letting it go.

  7. And you are done.

A dying ritual, for a fully intense day of Scorpio magic.

And what about Taurus?

In moving through your day today and for the next few, I invite you to notice the relationship between yourself and your body. You are a sensual embodied human being. A being in a body.  ENJOY your body, enjoy your food, your right to pleasure, to leisure. Enjoy the tangible feeling of touching, of working with things, of cooking or feeding, or driving or cleaning.

Know that each moment of enjoyment is a PRAYER - you are praying, every time you pay attention to form and how you interact with it. With your attention, you reinforce abundance, love and truth. Intimacy and connection. You honor the earth. And as you allow yourself to move seamlessly from moment to moment, without holding, you also honor death and power. You welcome transformation. You dance with magic.

THAT is the sacred polarity of Taurus/Scorpio.

I hope this was interesting, maybe even helpful. Why not let me know? And if this inspires action or ritual, I'd love to hear from you. Send me a picture, send me a poem. Send me your thoughts. I love the contact.

With blessings and love,



A client from Norway sent along this image of her ceremony... to share with others. Thank you, Cathrine!

A client from Norway sent along this image of her burning ceremony. :) Successful execution.