Cancer - Mana of the Mama

Hello friends,

Today is a transformational day of whole-ing. A day to connect with the Love that sustains us. The Umbilicus. The Mother. Today’s NEW MOON in Cancer, with eclipse of the Sun and Pluto in opposition, is a beckoning to WORTHINESS.

Today we own it. We know it is ours. We embody.


Cancer is our feeling self, our personal emotional. The mana of the Mama. The primordial feminine. The womb which holds deeply. The ground of contentment.

Alice Bailey teaches that Cancer is how we 'know God in manifestation' – for Cancer PERSONALLY FEELS source, she KNOWS it, EMBODIES it. Cancer's subjective emotional body offers us the most pleasure one can experience in life, and the most pain.

Exquisite. Precious. 

When babies are nourished by the mama, the body receives the message: I AM SAFE, HELD, WELCOME.  I AM WORTHY OF LOVE. VALUABLE. FED. For the rest of the lifetime, despite hardship and trial, the organism has a foundation of fullness.  

When baby does NOT receive nourishment, the body receives the message: I LACK. I AM EMPTY, UNWORTHY, UNHELD, ABANDONED. There is clinging. At a profoundly deep level there is an unspeakable, breathless agonizing fear of death. The adult organism may spend considerable energy rejecting the emotional and physical realms, to avoid the anxiety in the under layer.

Exquisite. Precious.


Not all of us were nourished by our mothers.

Some were not capable, despite best intent. Some should never have been mothers at all. And some didn’t know - they were ‘cultured’ out of behaviors biologically designed to ‘hold’ the human organism in its 4th trimester – the pivotal months out of utero, utterly at the mercy of mama for survival.

And then there are those who WERE deeply loved… but because of our particular energetic constitution, our karma, we were UNABLE to ‘receive’ it.

By examining how our natal Moon (the ruler of Cancer) is aspected in our birth chart, we can assess our receptivity to nurturing. We see whether life ‘holds’ us safely, or whether we are here to LEARN to receive our birthright.

For let us be clear – Love is everywhere. All of the time.

The experience of contracted lack - the ‘closing’ in fear – this is illusion. And the unwinding of this illusion – THIS is the GOLD. For the illusion of abandonment leads to a delicious movement back to wholeness.  With this our challenge, imagine the GLORY, WONDER and BEAUTY of the reconnect. When we ‘remember’ who we are, that we are always held and loved.

Having deeply known the opposite, so vast the gratitude as we sip the splendor of truth, and gracefully re-open to the food of love.

gaia ma.jpg

The experience of contracted lack - the ‘closing’ in fear – this is illusion. And the unwinding of this illusion – THIS is the GOLD. For the illusion of abandonment leads to a delicious movement back to wholeness.  With this our challenge, imagine the WONDER and BEAUTY of the reconnect. When we ‘remember’ who we are, that we are always held and loved.

Having deeply known the opposite, so vast the gratitude as we sip the splendor of truth and gracefully re-open to the food of love.


Ask yourself: Do you feel SAFE on earth? Do you feel HELD? Do you feel like the Goddess has your back, is FEEDING you deeply?

Today our astrological climate WANTS us to reconnect. Wants us to feel at home. And with Pluto opposite our New Moon, we have the power to transform all the blocks that stand in our way. Today invites us to take the FOOD OF LOVE from life. To breathe it in. Right now. Always fed. Held. Safe. Always love.

Today I share a meditation, learned when I was young. Designed to connect us with our primal source, our mother, and to help us CLAIM THE PERSONAL, VISERAL AND KINESTHETIC KNOWING that we are held and nurtured by life. Constantly.


When I was 21, a teacher came. Named Constantine. A beautiful 50-something man with muscular body graceful as a jungle cat, a deep warm smile, a bald brown head, hands like giant paws of warm light. This man had been many things - a professional dance choreographer, a martial artist, a Chi Gung master, a power dreamer, a meditator and cosmic journeyer, a dear friend and community leader, a father. And when I met him he was an amalgamation of all of his genius, an elemental shaman. A brilliant awakened wizard.

He came to teach how to heal our connection with the Earth.


Connie taught a system of elemental alchemical magic, called Chien Lung (Celestial Dragon). It was a martial art system of wisdom and practices that enabled one to build conscious connection with nature and spirit, while grounding this knowledge into the body.

His was a practice of embodied spirituality. While I learned SO MUCH from this man, the most eduring lesson was that nature is alive and part of us. We can run its elements through our meridians and chakras. We can speak with it, listen, feel. Ocean, trees, crystals, plants, sun, animals.... living earth.

tree love.jpg

Connie taught that LIFE is sacred, and that our connection to HER is sacred.  To spend HOURS and DAYS and WEEKS and MONTHS in playful devotional service to this great energy we live and thrive upon? Amazing. This gorgeous Aquarian and gentle giant named Constantine changed the lives of so many people.

And boy was it FUN!!!!


Sending a heartfelt offering of love to you, Constantine - up in heaven, watching us crazy kids play out your legacy in tiny ways.

We remember.



Today I am sharing a simple and powerful practice that Constantine taught. The act of consciously ‘connecting our umbilicus’ to the earth.

For his primary teaching was thus:

We all have a choice of WHAT WE PLUG INTO. We can ‘plug’ into the human collective – the karmic sway of cultural evolutionary desire - or we can ‘plug’ into the mother. Into nature and spirit. Into truth.

By choosing to plug into the Divine Feminine and Masculine, we are freed to be Whole and Powerfully Sovereign. Our ecosystem nourished by that which is eternal, instead of that which is transactional (social interaction, sexual conquest, achievement of goals, projection of desires).

Animals are naturally 'plugged in' to the earth. If you watch them – cats, dogs, lions, squirrels – you will notice that they instinctively rest with their bellies completely upon the ground, in total relaxation. Receiving Gaia energy.

We also have the ability to do this. In this meditation we connect consciously with the TRUE mother, the SOURCE of nourishment.

We all have a right, as animals on earth, to feel fed. To feel at home.

all connected.jpg

Here is our play:

  1. Choose a comfortable position. With Connie, we would do this lying face down, in the grass, next to the ocean. And I practice this lying in bed, in a chair, cross legged… even walking. Your choice.

  2. Take a moment to ground and center.

    • Imagine the center of the earth - wet, warm, dark, enormous.

    • Send a pulse of love from your heart to this center. She will send a pulse of love back. When you ‘feel’ it, you are grounded.

    • Imagine the galactic center, or ‘source’ of love/wisdom. The divine father. Imagine a pulse of love traveling from your heart UP out of your crown, into this light. When you feel a returning pulse of love, you are centered.

  3. Next, feel into your belly button. The cavity of your lower abdomen. Feel any holding here, tension, clutching. What are the emotions here? The sensations? What memories live here? Beliefs? They might be positive, they might be negative. Notice how your breath fills this area - and does not fill it. Watch. Gentle, no judgment.

  4. Now imagine an umbilical cord, stretching from your belly button to DEEP within the center of the earth. Imagine you are connected to Gaia's center, through this cord.

    • Breath gently through this umbilicus… as if your breath is coming FROM HER, and into YOU. Feel her FEEDING you energetically through this connection.

    • Create a circle of breath, from you to her and from her to you.

  5. Now… imagine all of the tension and holding and fear and anxiety and lack – ALL OF IT – flowing through the cord and into HER. Ask her to take it… and fill its place with love. She is your mother – she will powerfully transmute this energy and recycle it for good - to grow food, to grow love. And she will send back warm strong supportive nourishment – right into the core of who you are.

    • YOU ARE WORTHY. If unworthiness or contraction arises, it's okay. Let it flow to her. Allow it to move. Sometimes it is painful, to open up like this. Have patience. Let it flow.

  6. Spend as long as you can, breathing the earth in and out of you, through the umbilicus… until you are completely relaxed.

  7. When you are finished, spend some time in meditation. Consider what you want to call IN today, in the power of the New Moon. Write it down. Put your heart and soul into it. Burn it as effigy. Let it go.

Here is an example of a prayer:

‘I let go of ALL PLACES WITHIN MYSELF which perceive a disconnection from divine love, nurturing and wholeness. I release and heal this from all levels of my being, in all time/space/dimensions/and realities.

I allow myself to be filled with truth, nourishing love, contentment and abundance. I affirm my love for the mother, and honor her by making choices which support and celebrate her.

I walk through life, connected with her wisdom, love and support.'


And as you walk through your day, imagine yourself staying connected. Feel the support of the mother, in your sacred umbilical center.  The cord connecting you.

Breath her in and out.

Be completely here, completely at home.

And please... send me your stories! I would love to hear how this landed for you.