Capricorn: Stepping Up

Full moon in Capricorn, opposite Sun in Cancer. And Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, conjunct the Moon.

Today we get serious.

Today we look ourselves and our world FULLY in the eye. Be honest and sober. Make some commitments.

No running, no coffee break, and definitely no excuses.


I believe we can be in our heart and wholeness, honor each person as perfectly placed on their evolutionary path…. and still FIGHT for what is RIGHT.

Because when the social structures we build threaten sovereignty, something is wrong. Even if an action is justifiable by logic and law, if a choice harms another, it is not the right choice. There is a better one.

With a Capricorn Moon conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, opposite a Cancer Sun, we are facing into these questions:

-How do the RULES we create for ourselves and our society HELP or HINDER our ability to LOVE and achieve EMOTIONAL SECURITY?

-What STRUCTURES in our world and in our psyche are OUTDATED and require RE-CONSTRUCTION?

-What are we WORKING FOR? What are we BUILDING? What kind of social system or personal system matters to us? WHO DO WE WANT TO BE IN THE WORLD, and WHAT IS STOPPING US??

Let's jump in. :



Capricorn is the builder. Of rules, systems, corporate structures, governments... she has one function - to build a better world. With consistency, strength of character and endurance that supersedes emotion, Capricorn is accused of being 'cold' or 'ruthless'. But she's just focused on her GOAL.  As long as things are DONE RIGHT (she has exceptionally high standards), done ON TIME (she is fully accountable), and done ON PURPOSE (she serves the hierarchy), Capricorn feels successful.

I understand this archetype. With Moon in Capricorn, I've had a sixth sense of how to 'succeed' to conventional standards. Graduated top of the class… recruited by a Tier 1 Corporation… offered money, cars, benefits, promotions... and boy did I look sexy in pant suits. Remarkably (being a witchy weirdo), I pulled it off. Just by the seat of those sexy pants.

Actually, Capricorn Moon did the work for me - showed up on time, focused on the goal, followed the rules.  No brainer. Literally.

No humanity. No emotion. No heart. Empty Work.
Becoming a mother opened my heart, and my compassionate eye. When pregnant with #2, I had a dream that changed my life.

I was in a post-apocalyptic court of law, where those in society who had been contributors to the 'system' before the environmental 'collapse' were held accountable for their actions.

'Why didn't you stop doing what you were doing, when so clearly we were heading into devastation?', they were asked.

I watched as colleagues were questioned... and realized they were clueless. They hadn't 'thought' about consequences - of any kind!! They could not be held accountable.

But I DID think about it.

So I quit my job.

Just because the structure is there, glossy and sexy and making the big bucks, it doesn't mean it's right.


Consider this:

How do you suppose that smart, loving and lovely people go to work every day and add life force to businesses that:

-make plastics that clog landfills and kill ocean life?
-sell chemicals that seep into soil and poison water systems?
-produce clothing off the backs of women and children working in inhumane factories?
These are normal people. They are you and they are me.

What about the folks at border security facilities in the Southern US? What do they feel, as they follow rules and put children to bed on rows of metallic sheets? Shut them into detention containment rooms?

I know- they’re contractors. On payroll. They aren’t ‘making the rules’. That’s someone else's 'fault'.
But why do rules give us permission to bypass human compassion? 

Why does the LAW become more important than LIFE?

Herein lies the quality of today's Moon: We are asked, individually and socially, to take an SOBER LOOK at THE STRUCTURES WE ARE BUILDING and THE CHOICES WE ARE MAKING. And we are asked to include our heart in the equation.



So why does the 'heart' matter to Capricorn? Well astrology teaches that no archetype stands alone - all energy is balanced by its opposite in order to reach wholeness.

The opposite of Capricorn is Cancer.

Cancer is the archetype of the ‘Mother’. It is nurturing, compassion, tending, feeding and caring. Capricorn is the ‘Father’. It is the building of social structures that protect and serve.

When Capricorn's work is fueled by Cancer's love, we create an authentic security that allows us to contribute in meaningful ways, have children, make homes, build societies, create culture, celebrate liberty and sovereignty, relax, enjoy our lives - BE SAFE TO BE OURSELVES.
When we forget the feminine and deny the emotional, over-indexing on work ethic and rules, we risk ruthless human rights violations and choices that are evil, justified as a means to a rationalized end. We judge based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation. We close ourselves off from our humanity. We put children into cages. We reduce the ‘other’ as a threat to national security.

Capricorn without Cancer is unbalanced. Form without content. Structure without heart.



None can escape this conversation – even if we have nothing to do with Border Security or Pesticides. We all build our lives.

And I am NOT suggesting that we don't work for Corporations (my partner's corporate job kept me afloat after I quit mine!), or that we don't make money (money is love and service - there is nothing shameful in it).

I AM suggesting that we are accountable for our choices. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. All of the time.

There is a powerful conjunction coming in January 2020 - Pluto, the destroyer of form, will conjoin Saturn, the creator of form - in the sign of Capricorn. This will be a battle to the death - old way vs the new. The old structure, or something else. Walls may fall, systems may perish. Some believe a war may be on the horizon, or an economic calamity. Who knows. Pluto conjunctions can take the energy UP the evolutionary ladder, or down. It's up to US to decide - each individually. (For perspective, a Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn marked the beginning of the Reformation of the Catholic Church in 1528, when Martin Luther began the Protestant Revolution - and an old system gave way to a new.)

What we CAN be sure of is that we all build the structures we live our lives by. We all make our own RULES, we are ALL RESPONSIBLE, even if the 'rules' we choose are those laid out to us by society. We still have choice.

And each of us has our own EMOTIONAL TEMPERATURE to use as BAROMETER for which actions we will CHOOSE and which RULES we will follow.

So today we are asked to use our 'HEARTS CALLING' to ASSESS if we are building ourselves in ways we feel are for the GREATER GOOD.


 I hope this wasn't too serious for you. Today's moon is calling for it, to be honest. It's in the air.

And please also consider that today is the start of a VERY powerful summer - with multiple eclipses and a whole lot of crazy. So this Full Moon sets our stage.

It IS serious. WE are serious. And our CONTRIBUTION REALLY MATTERS here, in this material world.

So take some time today to PAUSE AND REFLECT on how YOU are creating your reality, on what you are contributing to with your choices, and on what YOUR HEART is telling you to do to build a brighter FUTURE.


To capitalize on the Capricorn Moon today, consider these questions for your Ritual:
1. What is my END GOAL? What do I want to create in my life? What CONTRIBUTION do I want to make in the world? What kind of AFFECT do I want to have on the planet?  What kind of WORLD do I want to build? And most importantly -  WHAT DOES MY HEART HAVE TO SAY ABOUT IT??

Write down your GOAL on a paper.
2. How are the STRUCTURES (mental, emotional, physical) that I have built enabling, supporting or detracting from my ability to reach my END GOAL? To be WHO I WANT TO BE?

Note: 'Structures' are the emotional, mental and physical rules we live by. Our boundaries.  Sometimes these are inherited from society or parents, sometimes we adopt them in reaction to life events, and sometimes they are consciously chosen. Regardless, these RULES govern how we act and feel every day. They are the CONTAINER within which our EMOTIONS and VULNERABLE SELF gets to express.

If you're having trouble sensing into what structures are standing in the way, first imagine the PERFECT EXPRESSION of your goal. Then notice what block arises to prevent that expression. Explore it... ask questions. Where did it come from, what purpose does it serve. Like the rules that govern our cities and countries, we create structures with good intent... but they reach an expiry date and require renovation.
3. Once you identify those that help and those that hinder, choose 2 or 3 'structures' that you can CHANGE NOW to impact how you come out into the world tomorrow.

Next, choose your WORK. Make a COMMITMENT. Plan your ACTION. What EXACTLY are you going to change.

4. One last step to UP the witchy factor...

Go outside tonight or tomorrow night - either on the eve of, or on the wake of, the fullness of the moon. FEEL DEEPLY the GRATITUDE you have for being alive, and for being privileged to make a difference here on earth. Now embody the feeling, in your heart, of BEING WHO YOU CHOOSE TO BE here. Feel the FULLNESS of your power, your authority, your SOVEREIGNTY. Your ability to CHOOSE.

Take a paper upon which you have written your END GAME and BARRIERS TO SUCH, and burn it as you imagine the barriers to your goal DISSOLVING into the Universe.

Call on help, ask for support from your invisible friends, open your heart and FEEL your sincere intent. You deserve to succeed, and to be supported. Your heart adds the fuel you need for powerful action.



Capricorn Full Moon - this isn't just lip service. Real work is called for.
Today is a day to be RESPONSIBLE and CLEAR. Sober and Serious.

Thank you Capricorn - for helping us step up.