Shine the Sun from your HEART : New Moon Leo


Hello friends,

Today is a New Moon in Leo, with FOUR planets in the sign of the Proud Lion!! Add to that a grand trine of fire in our sky, and we have a day that is over the top FUN. I hope you all get outside and play... or at the very least, get some time to laugh and connect with friends and feel the ineffable and inexhaustible energy of love.

Leo is the archetype of the CREATIVELY ACTUALIZED WHOLE SELF. The ME, the regal king, le roi magnifique.

Full of a feeling of 'special destiny', the Leo archetype tends to be equated with creative pursuits, like art or drama or music, with children and with love affairs. Whatever makes him 'purr' in delight of his own beauty and importance draws this resplendent beast. He is PROUD, enjoys recognition, is generous, FULL of heart, romantic and dramatic. AND, when caught in his malevolent vs. benevolent royal texture, Leo can be grandiose, self-inflated, pride-full, insecure, adultering and irresponsible. Gulp.

Quite naturally, the world DOES seem to revolve around a Leo. Ruled by the SUN, he is the center of the solar system, after all. But when Leo believes that HE is the special one, HE is the source of the light, HE is the true 'king', he loses his ability to maintain the shimmer. He goes dark, and falls into nasty behavior with a dramatic flare.

In this video, I talk a bit about the nature of the SOLAR archetype, and how the SOURCE of the creative spark within us is ALWAYS divine. When we consciously connect to the light of the sun and shine it from our heart, we are an inexhaustible source of radiance that fuels our life and those around us. We become a conduit for the infinite love which connects us all, fuels our true essences, and stands resplendent in its everlasting glory.

Here is to the light of the SUN!!! May we all enjoy its radiance on this brilliant day, and reverently consider how lucky we are to connect with it, in our internal and external reality. How do YOU connect with source? With SUN? With SELF? What does that feel like? And if you don't know, can you plant that seed of intention that will help you find out?

Love you all,

(click on the image below to see my video for the day!)

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