Sagittarius: Pointing Toward Purpose


Hello friends,

The SUN has entered Gemini. Can you feel how much happier? How light and playful?

Today our full moon is in Gemini's polarity: Sagittarius. Now THIS is BIG. Big Fun. Big Meaning. Big Truth. Come... let's adventure toward it together.

Remember our Taurean Minotaur? May 15th marked the New Moon in Taurus and the auspicious move of Uranus into this sign of INCARNATION, prompting an unshackling of the animal desire nature. 

If you want to read last moon's sharing...

It is no coincidence that the archetype of today's full moon, Sagittarius, is the ESOTERIC RESOLUTION POINT for the Scorpio/Taurus axis.

('Wuuuu.... Huh?')

Don't worry - yes, this will get a bit esoteric. I'll go as easy as I can. (AND I'm a double Gemini in the month of Gemini... brevity is challenged.)

Before we get there: a dream that came last week. I want to share.

In the dream, I was presented 2 rooms: One filled with adult MALE DOGS, the other with adult MALE HUMANS.


This question arose: 'Which room is more DANGEROUS?'

The dogs?

Oh no.


The MEN.

Because they are unpredictable. Because, when triggered by life, the denied inner animal ERUPTS from the psyche in ways erratic, surprising, and sometimes dangerous.  The dogs? Not so much. Fairly straight forward.  The men... they can fool you.

(My mother always warned me about men...)

But seriously - this dream was clearly about Uranus in Taurus. These next 7 years are a time for the collective to look IN and be HONEST.  Each of you reading this newsletter is a Light Worker. We are all here for the same purpose - to evolve consciously toward Goodwill on the planet.  If we want to beat the darkness in this world ('Beat the Bad Guys', as my dear friend Monica says), we have to FACE IT FIRST WITHIN OUR SELF.  Otherwise we are placid and ineffectual, no matter how lovely the mask we wear (or the 3 piece suit).

So here's to elevation via DESCENT! Here's to swimming DOWN to Scorpio's lair! To embracing the darkness by seeing it and calling it by name... with love!

Minotaur and Woman.jpg

Okay... and THEN what?

What happens when we've gone in and done our work - lain with beast, all that. Do we release the animal from its cage, let it run indiscriminately - sniffing for meat, trolling for something to rub against? Do we wallow in the dark, loving the wet warm secret dreams of human desire, misery, lust, victimhood... while crying a lot?

YES! That last one sounds so cozy. But after a time... something else must arise. And herein lies the secret of Sagittarius. 

Once we've tamed our HUMAN ANIMAL and embraced life's dance of MAGIC AND POWER (Taurus/Scorpio), we have to have somewhere to go. 'Un raison d'être', a quest, an adventure, a truth.

So comes today's FULL MOON archetype: SAGITTARIUS.

At first glance, Sagittarius seems fairly simple - ONE POINTED DEVOTION TO THE TRUTH.

But it is quite a complex archetype... evolving through 3 stages.


1. First 'THE CENTAUR' – half human, half horse.

Dear Horsey self says: 'So this place has no rules? This is a COSMIC JOKE? SWEET. I am SO going to enjoy myself.'  Here Sagittarius, ruled by the animal, does what she pleases. Alcohol, Food, Experience, Sex, Self Aggrandizement, Travel, Adventure, Knowledge, Parties, Money, Philosophy, Love, Jokes and Fantastic Story Telling. Why not? Armed with a wisdom that knows its nature is LIMITLESS POTENTIAL, coupled with an inner urge toward SOME AMBIGUOUS GOAL, the first level of Sag is ravenously in love with life and takes on adventure with gluttonous delight, besting each moment with a maniacal fervor at once delightfully entertaining and disturbing.

(Fun for a while, absolutely.)



Here our hero learns to RIDE her animal. No longer one with it, the Knight sits bravely upon her steed and directs it on her quest. Looking for something GREATER. Something MORE. Something NOBLE and GOOD and TRUE. (Even if she has no idea what she's looking for).  It doesn't matter! She has endless optimism and an unquenchable thirst for adventure. She proudly holds the animal between her legs, its strength HER strength, its urges HER urges, HER drive, HER quest, HER ego, HER body, HER truth... on and on.

Occasionally she dismounts and finds herself outside the animal's influence, awash in higher philosophical thought, a felt sense of meaning in the universe, a bigger picture perspective embracing totality... ah, sweet breath of life. Civilized and courtly, larger than life, engaging on the pulpit.... yet still tied to the hunger and need of the personality.

(Okay, we're looking up.  A jackass at times, but you've got to admire her noble intent!)


3. Last: the simple 'ARROW'.

Where did the man go? Where, the animal? This FINAL stage of Sagittarius represents the full integration of the Taurus (Animal) /Scorpio (Spiritual) axis. Here is the realization that we are done indulging the animal OR denying it. At some point, it ceases to require attention at all! The SOUL becomes the head of this search party. And mastery means having control over the FORCE OF ONES WILL... and where we POINT it.

Here, the quest is for connection to the HIGHER SELF. To higher meaning. The divine nature. The Truth of the Cosmos. The powerful Sagittarian chooses CONSCIOUSLY ( from the place of unification) to point its WILL in ONE DIRECTION – UP. The tip of the arrow, a laser beam of mental light, pointing at God.

This is when the heart opens, the inner eye.  When intuition comes strongly on line. And this is when we are safely on our way to serving the Goodwill of Humanity and putting our personal needs in their place - not denying, not indulging. Controlling the animal through the loving fulfilling touch that comes when we are SOUL EMBODIED.

While pointing our SELF toward the stars.

Here the TRUE HUMAN BEING is born. HEART CENTERED. PURPOSEFUL. Aligned with HIGHER WILL. Where the TRUTH is sought and found.



Was that too esoteric? To confusing? I hope not. As I said before, we're in the month of Gemini... and I am in my element.

The point I'm trying to make is this - we can go DOWN, we can wallow, we can do battle with or make love to our inner nature - it's wonderful and essential. AND at some point, when we are ready, we get to make a choice to point our focus toward a higher goal, a greater purpose. Something OUTSIDE of our SELF. To orient upwards, offering resolution to the confusion of being a human being. Connecting us to a greater sense of truth and purpose.

So today, at the full moon Sagittarius, we have 3 levels of play to enjoy.

1. PLEASURE AND FUN : The Centaur
See if you can let yourself live today as though LIFE IS HERE FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT.  Give yourself permission to lighten up!  Laugh. Eat. Sing. Play. Why not? If this is a joke, on some level, you might as well have a good time while you're at it. If this is available to you, totally go for it today. On the Full Moon in Sag, some indulgence is MANDATORY. If it is not available, that's okay. Not everyone can play here and keep their center. Know yourself.

2. OUR NOBLE QUEST: The Knight
Next, spend time today contemplating what YOUR quest in life is. What is the truth that you point yourself toward? What Holy Grail are YOU seeking? What meaning is important, in your ecosystem? Your noble truth guides you forward, into each adventure. 'KNOW' into it, allow yourself to imagine riding off toward it. Allow a tangible dream, a knowing, a goal.

And finally, my favorite.

Close your eyes, if need be.
Identify what you feel to be your WILL FORCE.

Now... notice that this force wants to move toward something. What is it seeking? What is the first thing that it wants? Food? A person? A memory? An object? Allow it to reveal itself. Stay curious, non judgemental.

Next, play around with directing your WILL FORCE in an intentional way. Point it toward, or align it with, whatever you consider to be 'GOD' or 'DEITY' or 'DIVINITY' or 'HIGHER SELF'. (We all have a different language here.)  It may 'feel' like you are pointing toward your heart, or your crown, or way off in outer space somewhere. That's okay. The objective is to connect your WILL to that part of you that is BEYOND you. To a HIGHER WILL. To that part that is your intuition, your higher mind, your higher wisdom. You soul.

POINT YOUR WILL right at this place and HOLD IT. See how long you can sustain this. As you do so, observe what CHANGES in your body.
Watch, learn, inquire.

And by all means - if this comes to life for you, PRACTICE IT. Like a muscle, this small exercise can change the turgor of your spirit.


Okay... I feel like there is so much more I could say about this. It's SO BIG. Kind of like today's Sagittarius FULL MOON. So I will close it off.

I hope this was interesting and maybe helpful. Whatever the case, thank you for your time!! :)

And please... if this newsletter is bothersome, simply un-subscribe. :) Fast and easy!

I am so grateful for you all. Thank you for being in my community. Please send feedback, if inclined! I love to receive it.