Gemini - Loving our Ecosystem

I've been obsessed lately with 'ECOSYSTEMS'.
Internal and external.

How one affects the other.
How we care for our internal system,
and for the greater one in which we live.
Considering how they work, how parts within touch seamlessly, how they connect.
Considering how they seem separate, yet are not NOT.

Considering Gemini. My favorite astrological sign.

The external world appears to be filled with... 'stuff'. Physical things. Trees, houses, people, many, many cups of coffee...

And all around this ‘stuff’ is, well, NOTHING. Right? Just air. EMPTY SPACE through which you look as your gaze seeks the next tangible object to fall upon.

"Yup. Right."
Please consider this.

Space is NOT clear. Nor is it empty.

It holds form, in fact. Air is filled with tone. And the spaces that seem invisible to us, they are made of matter vibrating at a frequency we don't ‘see’ with our eyes. But we feel it and it effects us. Space is literally a field of intelligence. We effect it, it effects us. All of the time.

(too long for this email, but if you are interested in a related personal story, I'll try to post a curious one on my Blog later today...)



Take a moment to dream something with me...

Imagine the part of you that is your 'human body'.
Put your mind on it - get it in your awareness. Connect with this 'human' part. Feel it, sense it, say
'hello human me'.

Next, imagine the part of you that is your 'spirit self'.
Or 'spirit body'. Put your mind on it - get it in your awareness. Touch it.
Connect with it. Feel it. Sense it. Say
'hello spirit me'. ;)

Now come back. ;)

Are these parts of you, the human and the spirit parts, separate? Do they feel different? How did you 'find' one, and then 'find' the other? What dynamic of movement or mind allowed YOU to make contact with and be aware of THEM? To TALK to them? TOUCH them? SENSE them?  Move in between them?


This is the element of AIR! This is INTELLIGENCE. This is SPACE. This is GEMINI.

And just as GEMINI helps us connect things in our internal ecosystem, it helps connect things in our external ecosystem as well. As within, so without. As above, so below.
Consider the room where you are right now - notice how SPACE spreads out perfectly, rests in between everything, connects all matter, all form -  holding it together. 

Can you imagine how space might collect a bit of the intelligence of whatever it is in contact with? By just resting upon it lightly, sensing its essence, allowing it to be? Thereby spreading that intelligence around the room, sharing it, enabling it communicate with whatever else is there, sharing the space?

And can you imagine how the quality of YOUR attention might effect the space itself? Sharing information which then travels to touch the other 'objects' in your present Ecosystem?

Gemini. Inside and outside.

(intended particularly for those who have judged Gemini as shallow, vapid, distracted or superficial....)


So.... guess that means that Gemini is the intelligent, benevolent, non-judgemental, light hearted, compassionate, friendly, silly, innocent, cohesive force of connection that binds together our ENTIRE reality. She fills the spaces, holds form gently in delicious contact, lightly swells against the sides of every body, everywhere.

Yup, it's true. (She's my favorite for a reason.)


2. Now this one is really cool. (Particularly for those who get off a little on the Esoteric.)


You ever wonder why one minute you are a saint who sees white light and speaks wisdom, and the next minute you are a basket case of emotional pain and loathing? We're all a work in progress down here, as we soldier forth in our work to 'merge' our higher potentials with our actual realities. Our personalities and our souls. And this is Gemini's work.

Gemini brokers the conversation between the spiritual and the human. It negotiates the connection, harmonizes polarities, allows for non-judgemental awareness. When I sense my Gemini at work, it feels like she is constantly enabling intricate layers of subtle corrections and re-balancings to occur on the minute level of molecular light. BIG BOMB. And true. She is so refined, Gemini energy - so subtle. She senses and understands EVERYTHING, and is so articulate in her ability to adjust, make changes, mutate.

And when merged with the power of Love (in its esoteric form, Gemini is ruled by Venus), Gemini is powerful enough to build the bridge of consciousness that helps bring HOPE and WISDOM and LIGHT into our lives.  The Ancient Wisdom Teachings call it the Antahkarana, this bridge between heaven and earth. And it's something we are all desperately in need of, at this time, on this planet.

Helping to bring a little sunshine into world. Sweet sweet Gemini.


Oh how we love you, Gemini!!!

How we NEED you, Gemini!

We are SO GRATEFUL for you, Gemini!!!

Thank you for helping us understand each other, for helping us understand ourselves. Thank you for being curious and enabling the ever unfolding acquisition of knowledge that keeps evolution moving on.

Thank you for allowing everybody to be EXACTLY as they are, without trying to change them or make them wrong. Thank you for being the energy that allows two people born of hatred for each other to SIT TOGETHER, in the same space, and talk. Thank you for making it possible to broker Peace.

And thank you for giving us the SPACE to be separate, and the LOVE to be connected.

Today for our New Moon Ritual, I'd like to play a little Ecosystem Game. Run a little Gemini magic.

It about spending some time becoming aware of how YOU connect with OTHERS, and how the quality of the consciousness you bring to the 'space' effects both your internal ecosystem, and your external.

Here's how to play:

1. When you are with someone - anyone, really. The cashier at the gas station, a friend or colleague, your partner or child. Whoever. Take a moment to bring your AWARENESS to how you RELATE to them and the SPACE BETWEEN you. Just notice.

2. Notice where your consciousness is LOCATED in the space, when you are with them. (If you are like most people, you are likely inside your personal Ecosystem - thinking or judging or planning what to say. Most of us are INTERNALLY identified with ourselves as the source of our experience, even when we are in connection with another.)

3. Now, the fun part. See if you can SHIFT YOUR FOCUS INTENTIONALLY.  See if you can become aware of the QUALITY OF AIR that lies in BETWEEN you and the other. Orient your mind into the SPACE that is surrounding you both. Feel that space, feel the air, feel expanded beyond your boundaries. LET GO OF ALL YOUR INNER BULL/FORM, and just be in that clear empty room. No expectations. See how that goes.

Now to step into the MAGIC: 

4. INTEND into the space a quality of CURIOSITY AND LOVE. Literally PRESENT into the room with this quality - see it fill the space, as if your LOVING ATTENTION were a gentle fog or mist. See it resting upon the other person softly and lovingly. See them completely as they are. Lead with GENUINE INTEREST and ACCEPTANCE. Sidestep judgement and reaction, the desire to alter or inform. Make an effort to SEE and BE with what IS. To go WITH the moment. MUTABLE AND LOVING AND FREE.

Now if you play with this, you may be surprised with what comes up for you and the Magic that starts to unfold. I bet you will have some really cool encounters with people, at the very least. Because one thing I've learned about Gemini over the years (and I am a double Gemini, triple actually), she has the power to change the world. To change the space. To alter the Ecosystem.

The bottom line is this - Our Ecosystems are our responsibility! And changing from the HABITUAL to the INTENTIONAL can happen with awareness, playfulness and love. Perfect play for a Gemini New Moon.

So today my soul-full prayer is this:

May we all be blessed to understand the WISDOM of CONNECTION through LOVE,  allowing each of us to BE who we are, what we are, and how we are. And may we realize that LISTENING and RECEIVING is the first step in healing, and that LOVING AWARENESS is what allows us to slowly, delicately and deliciously merge our higher nature and our lowest, helping our earth to grow and evolve. 

May we LISTEN when we HEAR, and may we LOVE WHAT IS so that even the darkest of dark is freed to become what it wants to be.

So please write me and let me know what happens!

With love and gratitude,