Libra Full Moon ; Video Quip


Here is a quick bit on my ‘take’ on the Libra archetype, Esoterically, and how the concept of ‘relationship’ plays out for us on our evolutionary path.

In this video I discuss the 2 types of relationships we can have - the horizontal (personal subjective karmic) and the vertical (soul-aligned, unconditionally loving, co-creative). The key to the highest presentation of the Libra archetype is to TURN ON THE VERTICAL RELATIONSHIP - or the relationship between our personality and our soul. From this primary marriage of our SELF to our SELF, we free ourselves to available for true patnerships with others who are also living from wholeness. Thus we enter the evolutionary state of ‘co-creative collective consciousness’, living in a state of what Esoteric Astrology terms ‘Right Human Relations’. This is the way forward, into the age of Aquarius, and is an absolutely necessity for those on the path to higher service and conscious evolution.

I hope you enjoy.