The Illumined Mind : Sagittarius Full Moon June 16 2019

Hello friends,

Sunday June 16 at 7pm EST marks a SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON conjunct JUPITER, opposing Sun in Gemini and all square Neptune in Pisces.

Time to elevate into the truth.

Time to lift up out of the frey.

Time for a repose of vision and a clarity of grace.

This has been a heavy month, as we continue to DISSOLVE the constructs of our conditioning, socially and personally. Can you say CLIMATE DISASTER and POLITICAL TURMOIL?? It's just NOT SAFE for us here, any more. Something has to break, and we are heading into one hell of a hot summer. On MANY levels.

And though today we are certainly not through the muck, we have a brief yet important window of time to STABILIZE OUR VISION OF THE LARGER PICTURE : AFFIRMING THE TRUTH we are aligning to, and the future we are moving toward.

This is a tough summer ahead - lots of tears, lots of humility, lots of letting go and healing.

So today we celebrate and we illuminate and we ELEVATE. We lift out of the cave of our lower subjective nature and we see the higher, sweeter and more integral vision for our future.

Please join me for a conversation about this, in the video below. Just click on the image to be brought to the YouTube video. Seems 20 min is the duration these videos end up being, so I thank you in advance for your attention and I hope that you receive some value from my contribution.

Blessings and love,